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The Rest Secure Restwarmer Dual Control Mattress Pad is a heated mattress pad made of pure polyester. Here are the things you should know before you purchase this product: First, this product is designed to fit over your current mattress up to 12 inches deep, which covers the vast majority of mattresses. If you have a deeper pillow-top mattress, you more »

Perhaps you have heard about heated mattress pads and wondered if you would like one on your bed. Read more about heated pads here. One of the best on the market is the Soft Heat Microplush heated mattress pad. It costs a little over $100, and can be found on Amazon as well as other retailers. Here is what we more »

Heated mattress pads have become more common in households all across America. They are typically used in the winter months, but many keep them on their bed even if they are not using them to keep warm. If you are on the cold-blooded side, this is definitely something that is right up your alley. A heated mattress pad is similar more »

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