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Have you ever slept on a pull-out couch? If you answered yes, I’ll bet it wasn’t the best night’s sleep you’ve ever had. The fact that it is a folding mattress is an indicator that it probably never will be a night of sleep that you look forward to. However, there are ways to make your folding mattress more comfortable.

If you do have a pull-out sleeper couch, it is probably used for guests and for other unusual occasions. One thing that tends to happen with a tri-fold mattress is that it is never replaced, so you end up with a very outdated spring mattress that isn’t comfortable in any situation. You may consider replacing this mattress altogether.

This could be used for a futon, but also is suited for a sleeper sofa if that is what you need. Not only is it much lighter, but it is sturdy enough that you can count on a decent night’s sleep. Another trait of high density foam is that it will expand and recover from being folded up for extended periods of time.

Along the same lines, if you don’t like the idea of replacing your folding mattress completely, then maybe you could just look for a mattress topper. These are often about 2 inches thick, so you should be able to fold it up with your existing mattress, making storage very simple. You may be surprised by how many mattress inadequacies that you can cover up with something like a solid memory foam mattress topper. Click here to read more about mattress pads. Make sure you do some research and find a pad that is going to have enough density to make a difference. Often your old folding spring mattress will be weakest in the spots where it folds, so it is important to have a topper than won’t really have you sinking in to the same old mattress experience. The idea here is that the topper provides enough support to where it makes for a completely different experience.

All in all, you can make a big difference in your folding mattress without buying a new one if that is what you prefer. It will likely save you some money, which we all love!

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