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We recently interviewed Christine Chamberlin of The Clean Bedroom about what an organic mattress is, and why it might be beneficial to you. Chris is the co-founder of The Clean Bedroom and a true expert in the field of organic mattresses. If you are currently sleeping on a “traditional” non-organic mattress, this interview will get you thinking.

1. Tell me about The Clean Bedroom and the customer experience you provide: We founded The Clean Bedroom when my husband and I found out toxic chemical flame retardants and fabric protection were used on regular mattresses. Most of these chemicals are known carcinogens. To make a healthy mattress that provides the best night’s sleep, a manufacturer must use the purest materials: organic cotton, organic wool as the flame retardant, or 100% pure rubber. The reason is that chemical flame retardants off gas, emitting volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the air we breathe. Our immune systems are supposed to be at rest during sleep, preparing for the day ahead. Instead, our immune system has to battle the VOCs in our environment. We don’t wake up as refreshed as we should.

After researching the difference between regular mattresses with chemical flame retardants and mattresses and bedding made with pure organic materials, we knew we could only sell the healthier alternative. It has now become a passion. We truly believe everyone’s health is at risk by sleeping on chemical laden toxic mattresses and they don’t even know it. Over the years, we have found out that the mattress industry doesn’t want people to know the chemicals they use to pass the fire test are harmful. The long term studies currently being done will take 50 years or more to prove chemical flame retardants are harmful. Why wait? We decided to open an online store with only the purest, certified, tested organic and all natural mattresses. We also sell bedding along with air purification systems and non-toxic furniture. We are the only national organic sleep shop retail chain in America.

2. What makes an organic mattress “organic”? The materials used are certified organic: organic cotton, organic wool, 100% all natural rubber. The USDA certifies the organic crops and the farms where the sheep are raised to get the organic wool. The rubber tree plantations can be certified organic, meaning they don’t use any pesticides.

3. For someone who has never heard of an organic mattress, why should they consider buying organic as opposed to a “traditional” mattress? See my comments about the difference between standard industry mattresses and organic mattresses.

4. What would you say is the most common question you receive from first time buyers, and how do you answer it? They are looking for a mattress without chemical flame retardants and they want to be assured that ours are pure and don’t have toxins in them. This was not the case years ago, most people had no idea chemical flame retardants were dangerous, or even used in mattresses.

5. Buying a Mattress is often thought of like buying a car – people tend to be anxious about their decision. If I am a first time mattress buyer, what are a couple of the key questions I should be asking from the store I am buying from? Are there any chemical flame retardants in your mattresses? Are your organic mattresses made with certified organic materials and please provide the certification before I purchase. What % of natural rubber is contained in your ‘latex’ mattress? If it is not 95-97%, it is not all natural and contains harmful chemicals like benzene. Always ask if the mattress is Green Guard certified, GOTS, SKAL or GOLS certified.

6. Is there anything else you would add that I didn’t specifically ask about which would be helpful for someone who has never bought a new mattress, and wants to make sure they get a fair deal and a quality product? They should only buy from a reputable company that has been selling organic mattresses for 4 or more years. There are a lot of people jumping on the organic mattress bandwagon, most of them only recently. They may not be completely organic and they may not be in business when you may need a warranty issue solved.

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