The Benefits of a Mattress Pad

If you shopped around long, you know that buying a new mattress set can be pricey. Perhaps money is a little tight and you can’t really afford to buy a new mattress and box springs. If that is true, you may want to make a much smaller investment in a mattress pad or mattress topper. A mattress pad is generally a thin layer that you would put on top of your existing mattress, below the sheets, to provide extra softness or comfort. Here are some of the reasons you may want to consider buying a mattress pad:

1. Affordability

There are variety of types of mattress toppers, but generally speaking they can be very affordable. You don’t even have to leave the house to buy one unless you want to. Check out a site like Amazon, where you can get a basic topper for about $15 with free shipping. The price goes up from there, but it really depends on the quality and purpose of the product you are buying. Either way, you can get a top of the line mattress pad for under $100, which will make a big difference.

2. Comfort

If you aren’t sleeping well on your current mattress, take a look at a memory foam mattress topper. These things are super comfortable, and are thick enough in most cases to make up for a less than comfortable mattress. If it is warmth you are looking for, what about a heated mattress pad? Although that may sound a little odd, the wires are generally very thin so you don’t feel any different than sleeping on your normal mattress. The only difference is the warmth it provides while you sleep, so you can turn down the furnace a little.

3. Portability

I don’t use portability in the sense that you are taking a mattress pad on vacation, but sometimes moving in a new mattress and box springs isn’t the easiest thing. You have to borrow a truck or pay for delivery, weasel it around corners of your house, etc. With a mattress topper, it is small and easily moved so you can add it to your bed very easily. You can also remove it just as easily, as it will be small and lightweight. It may be worth trying a mattress pad first, to see if it positively affects your sleep.